Blosics Walkthrough

The Blosics series have been a terrific success and a lot of online gamers are big fans of this game. They rave about everything from the quality and graphic design to the music in the background (yes, they wish the selection was better, but it was soothing nonetheless). There are ten levels one must pass in the original Blosics game and believe me when I say that it is harder than it looks, especially when you just decide to lay without looking at the tutorials made for you first on the game site.

I went the longest using the arrow keys, but you have to just use the mouse (yeah, simple enough right). Hold down on the mouse for more energy and speed and then launch the ball into the blocks in a given area by releasing the left button on the mouse, while managing to knock all of them down screen, err ground. Never ever in this series try to knock off the red blocks as they are your fortune or if you want to be like me, knock them down and lose a heck of a lot of points. Believe me, those negative points build up a lot, especially when you are not noticing it too much.



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