Blosics 4

Blosics 4 needed some pretty good tweaking from the prior game Blosics 3, which was a huge letdown according to the critics. Who blasted the game as being too boring and very different than the original, which could bum anyone out

Critics blasted the 3rd installment of Blosics, but Blosics 4 is back and better than ever. This game is awesome for many reasons. One reason is that this game has quite a lot of different things you can tweak from level to level.

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Everything from music to setting up the background and items that are in the background area is included in the latest installment of the Blosics series. You can fire the ball off while aiming at different checkpoints and green blocks just happen to be all over the case in some instances.

The music is also off the wall. There is everything from Thriller to Moves Like Jagger just to keep the common fan happy and the user is able to play whatever music for the round that he or she so desires. Replay is also one of the biggest changes as well as you can track the round that you had if you want to show it off to other users, including people on Facebook and Twitter. How cool is that?!

The game play for Blosics is pretty simple as well in that you just hold down the mouse as long as you want, while waiting for the ball to flare up as more strength on the ball is given the longer you want the ball to go towards the direction of the green and orange blocks. This is also a new feature of the Blosics series in that users were tired of picking on the green blocks, so instead asked for different blocks that happen to be orange. If you succeed successfully along the way, you are able to unlock the colors purple and yellow.

The Store is also a new thing in this series as you get to spend the coins and money that you make along the way as the newer game is a money system and the further you go with the high tech physics round, the more money you make. Usually each level is $70 and chances to make more with bonuses are available each round if you get all the balls off the given area in less than 5 times.

Not a bad deal overall and the store to buy unlockables makes this game much more compelling than the other games. You may also buy a larger ball as well from the store and that obviously helps during the round of play as you have the potential to knock more blocks with the ball being twice as big, instead of the tiny circles of the past.

Blosics 4 has bought back many features that were important to the success of the original game. The level designs are much more advanced than the prior games and you can play anywhere from a freezer to a hot, sunny day in the desert, and not to mention on the beach. This game seemed to be the closest I will get to a beach anytime in the near future.

Pictures of the stages, which were left off of the previous two games, are now back so users can get a feel for what is to come and become more motivated to get there. And here is one that will make a lot of gamers and users of this series say “Amen!”…the voices in this game are way less active than they were in the previous installments. Overall, 5 stars out of 5 stars and I think that this will be the best out of the series (it is to me).

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