Blosics 2

Blosics 2 is a fun and straightforward physics and puzzle game.

The objective is to knock as many blocks off of a platform in as few turns as possible. While the overall concept remains throughout the game, there are some challenging and fun levels to be had.


In a nutshell the mechanics of the game work like this. The player is challenged to knock as many green blocks off a platform with what appears to be black metal ball. The player launches the metal ball from a given angle to make it rain green blocks into the endless abyss below. (Not sure if the abyss is endless but it makes it all sound that much more exciting)

For each green block that falls off the platform the player receives points. In contrast there are red block also, and when they fall the player loses points. When the player reaches 100 points the level is completed and the player is given access to the next level.

Now here is where the puzzle fun come in. As the levels progress you can’t just keep firing away with ball after ball of green block demolition. In each level you can change the size and weight of the ball you launch. Bigger balls have a lot more force than the smaller balls, but they also cost more points to use.  There are other obstacles to challenge the player, but a more about that in a bit.

Bloscis 2 has all the standard options for a game of its kind. It features high scores, credits, and toggling music, sound, and ball blurring animations. But the feature that grabbed me was the unique challenge system for each level.

These challenges require the player to only use one ball to complete level, or to disallow and negative red blocks from falling. The challenge system is a welcome addition and adds a level of replay value to the game, not to mention some of the challenges can be quite tricky.

As the player progress through the levels, they will be greeted with an ever expanding assortment of different types of balls to launch and blocks to conquer. The new balls made available have different effects. There are explosive balls, gravitational vortex balls, and balls that destroy everything in its path.

As for the blocks we have the elemental variety such as ice and rubber. Other blocks can not be destroyed, while others you can not accumulate points with. All in all there is a good bit of variety when it come to tools and obstacles in Blosics 2.

As the levels progressed so did the challenge. Where in the beginning levels you could plow through simply based on a very crude trial and error strategy, levels in the late game require strategic thought and precision.

For the final 10 levels or so, if you want to complete both the levels and the assigned challenges, you must become a master at setting the right angle and velocity when launching.

Another key strategy is to save up those hard earned credits and buy speciality balls that

explode and other nifty actions. Employing the correct specialty ball many times is all that stands in between completing a difficult challenge and frustrating futility.

While simple and without breaking any new ground, Blosics 2 is an engaging physics game with a challenging and strategic puzzle component. If easy for players of any age or skill to pick up and play, but the late game with its Challenge system, will provide hours of entertainment for you more skilled gamers out there.

Don’t hesitate to give this game a whirl. Those who love physics mixed with their puzzles are in for a virtual treat!





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