Blosics 1

Blosics 1 REALLY shocked me because usually I see a game that involves any kind of special physics, and immediately turn away. No questions asked, physics just wasn’t my cup of tea. However, when you are a gamer to the core like yours truly, you tend to throw that out of the window.


I loved this game from the start and would challenge anyone to give it a go when the time permits itself. This game consists of a play mode and tutorial mode. First off, I love the tutorial aspect of the game as it is clear and straightforward.

Besides, how many PC games do you see online that even has a tutorial mode? Tutorial teaches you the ends and the outs of how to use the controls effectively to how to accomplish the given goal.

The goal is to use all the balls to kick out the green blocks from the area of play. Now, you have to be mindful of what the red blocks do in this game. You automatically lose points when you knock off a red block from the area of play.

Now on to what I love about physics, err Blosics 1. The pace of this game is beyond terrific and it suits a game that would be predicated primarily on physics has awesome speed as well. I would give the speed of the game 5 stars out of 5 stars and it suits the game’s pace perfectly.



I don’t say that about many games, but in the category of speed, this game takes the cake. The game also loads really fast as well, unlike many other online PC games, which take all day and night to load. I would give the theme 3 stars out of 5 stars simply because the levels can start to look like the same-old same-old backgrounds and things of that sort.

Now saying that about the game’s theme, I will say I was very impressed with the features of the game. There are obstacles of course to every level that you play, but with different playing balls weighing different sizes and such, it makes for the variety aspect of the game to be a game-changer and I cannot believe I am giving physics any praise, but even I cannot deny this online game as it is certainly top notch and well made by the developers.

This game can get addictive and be very hard to quit at times, really when the game is getting the upper-hand.

Another thing that I also like about the game is that you can be flexible with the game controlling system. It is extremely EASY to navigate thus allowing almost everyone at chance at getting the winning spirit.

I just loved seeing the destruction of the game when you are playing the correct way because it is so hard, but here is another tip of the cap to the designers of this particular game. The graphics are just amazing; something I expected from a physics game, but did not think I would get to be honest. This game is even fun to look at when you are knocking the blocks off the ball and it is extremely fast paced. The accessibility is arguably the game’s biggest strengths out of the many that this game possesses. Blosics 1 has controls for everyone to use and mix it up a bit from time to time, depending on the challenge level.

I think anyone who plays this game will love it and it is so simple that all you have to-do is hold down the mouse and let the ball flare up in the circled area and aim directly for the green blocks. I give the game overall 5 stars out of 5 stars and would personally play it all day if I could.

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