Blosics 3

Once you start playing Blosics 3 it’s hard to stop.  This physics-based puzzle game requires that you shoot balls at stacks of blocks with the objective of knocking the blocks off the platform they rest on.

Once you get the hang of aiming and throwing the balls you realize how deceptively simple the game is.  While it’s fairly easy to learn and to start playing, mastering the game and advancing from level to level is no easy task.

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The difficulty comes from determining a strategy to knock the blocks down as quickly and efficiently as possible given the available tools.  There are four ball sizes to start, with the larger ones costing more to use.  A score of 100 will advance you to the next level (there are 30 levels total).  To reach that score you must choose wisely among the available balls and target accurately.  If you use too many balls to knock down the blocks you won’t reach the score necessary to advance to the next level.

This is where your knowledge of physics can pay off.  If you target the blocks just right and with a ball of the proper size, you increase your chances of knocking them down with a minimum number of throws.  This is one feature of the game which makes is so fun to play; it’s possible to do well at the game fairly quickly, especially if you have experience playing other physics-based games.

Experienced players of such games may find that they need a little extra excitement to spice things up while playing Blosics3.  The game’s challenge feature is designed to do just that.  While you don’t have to complete a challenge to make it to the next level, it adds to the difficulty level and fun factor and also offers a nice point bonus.  In addition, finishing a challenge can help you unlock special balls to use as you progress through the game.

These special balls are introduced as you gain levels, even without completing a challenge, and should be used wisely to successfully advance to the highest levels.  This mix of calculation and action requiredto progress through the game keeps you on your toes throughout and makes this a gamethat keeps you coming back for more.

Another option is the ability to reset the game at the player’s choice.  If you find yourself unable to knock the blocks off the platformquickly and efficiently this might be the best thing to do.  There may be a cost to doing so, however, so be cautious when selecting this option.

If there is a point cost to reset it will be displayed near the reset button.  When choosing this option do your best to analyze how much it would cost you to purchase balls to continue to try and pass the level.  If the cost to do so would be greater than the cost to reset you are likely to be better off hitting the reset button.

All things considered, Blosics3 is a game that is fun to play for all types of players.  If you are an expert physics-based game player you should find it to be a game that, while not impossible to beat, is still not one you can master easily.  For newer players of such games, the simplicity of the design and ease of using the interface should give them a chance to get acquainted with the game’s playing features relatively quickly.

Progressing to level 30 may take some time for newer players, but the fun of mastering the strategy involved along the way should make the process an enjoyable one.

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